The Lion City Sailors was born of our desire to reignite deeply rooted passion for football that already exists in the Singapore fabric.

Who we are

We are football fans ourselves and are instinctively drawn to the raw emotion that bubbles up from within when we are in the stands, watching our team. Every single fan knows what that feels like, and I’m sure reading this last sentence, you felt your own memory of that passion rising from your gut.

Sea has had a long-standing relationship with Singapore football. We backed the Young Lions in 2016, because we were inspired by a project that looked to harness that fearless belief of youth, that unbridled excitement for the game. I volunteered my services to the football community too, serving in the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Council since 2017, and now we want to do more.

We will go back to basics, to make a connection between club and fan, between player and aspiring footballer, between the community and a team that embodies its spirit. These dots, when linked, form a picture of the future of Singapore football that we all desire.

What we stand for

We have ambitious goals for the club, but we are certain in our belief that on-field success will mean little without passion on the stands. The game belongs to fans, and indeed, football clubs only exist because you do. Some teams are shaped around their most creative footballer, while others are a formed into a tight unit with each part neatly aligned. Our club will be built around you, the fan: you will see this from warm matchday experiences to affordable prices of tickets and merchandise, and access to the very heart of the club.

“The players will play with the Sea name on their chests, but fans in their hearts. ”

Sea’s backing of the Young Lions in the past was no accidental partnership. Youth development is in our DNA. The club will bring guidance and discipline to youthful dreams and provide a structured platform for them to flourish as we nurture the next generation of talent not only for the Lion City Sailors, but for the Lions of Singapore.